Effect of food on sexual motivation

We always forget that sexual function from lust to desire to perform is an integral part of human. It is like other instincts, such as hunger, thirst, sleep, therefore, they depend on the person, of course, whenever human concentration increased in that it is deprived of this instinct, or that increased the sense of deprivation of them, then enter into a vicious circle of sense of deprivation because of the lack of Permissible discharge way to this desire. So searched for impermissible way such as movies and pornographic websites, Or sexual images, books, or even just to participate in sexual conversations with peers who have the same conditions.

When human rushing things, "the person with this feeling" starts to search for a way out allows him to get rid of this endless circle, so he thinks at that time to resort to foreign pharmaceutical lotions or popular medicine prescriptions, Or spices or dishes that help them to decrease this need, but I regret to point out that there is no cuisine reduce the sense of the predominance of sexual arousal, as long as the primary motivating factors exist , Such as engaging in thinking ,sexual fantasies and daydreams and ......etc. as for food or spices said to be increase lust or sexual desire, Some of them function is increasing the blood flow inside the body in general, micro parts of it In particular such as in the nervous system and sexual organs , But there is an initial operation point of the whole issue which is sexual orientation or central desire that comes from the nervous system, But if a spouse is not sexually interested in that partner through sexual relationship there is no dishes or herbal medicines, not even the so-called sexual steroids cannot operate without the signal to start this.
But in general, the foods that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are healthy foods, including sexual organs, the physical performance on a regular basis, although short-term, contribute much to keep sexual efficient, as the blood pump are generally in good health and so erection remains in good health.

Before I conclude my article, I refer to the last word in a question "to reconcile with our circumstances." It is a really expressive, God has given the human mind with the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, perfectly and his mercy the almighty has not only given us this enormous capacity mind, but in order to facilitate our mission in life he has given us the greatest possible blessing, which include what is allowed and useful to human definitely, it is Halal, and forbidden what is harmful for human definitely, It is the bad Haram even if it seems good sometimes by devil and the urges of souls.

Therefore I recommend myself and you to investigate the good, Halal as we work; stick to it and increase it, and investigate faults, Haraam which we can prevent and shun it, though it cost us a fortune and effort.