Sexual Excitement

Today I'll talk about the most important things that determine the sexual relationship - and its impact on the success or the failure of the marital relationship- which are the sexual excitement ways stemming from the rigid sexual templates and those stemming from the flexible sexual templates, and their impact on the level of sexual satisfaction.

How sexual arousal occurs for both male and female?
Sexual stimuli are all that raises the body of the statement or act or conduct... It forms what is known as rigid sexual template, that any response to the same thing almost one for all men or women. These stimuli in order to be valid should affect the places where there are nerve endings connected to the area of sexual sensitivity in the brain, Of course, most of these nerves are located in the genital area, which at provoke secrete some gases and hormones that give this sense of satisfaction and happiness that comes with sexual arousal. But differ according to sex, when the man neurotrophic own sexual sensations in sexual or User is "penis", and so on there is only one way to sexual excitement for the man. for the woman, the nerves that responsible for the sexual sense are in two locations, "clitoris" and "vagina", and so a woman has two fundamental sexual excitement locations, External genitalia and the vagina.

What the role of the organic composition at each of the men and women in the different response to sexual stimuli ?
Here we must offer significant scientific fact relating to the existence of nerves genital area, during the early development of the fetus in the bowels of his mother, and at the beginning of the second month of pregnancy, Ranked begins to male and female in terms of genitals. In the case of Male, kind of docking between the urethra and reproduction within the prostate gland tissue happens and then passing inside the so-called spongy body which in turn attach to objects with cavernous (the erectile tissues in male genital),Everyone is a member of one, is a sexual organ or "penis" for male.Thus, the neurotrophic own sexual sensations are all lies in the penis as it contains the genital tract and the erectile tissues, and this aforementioned docking happens masculinity because of the secretion of male hormones secreted by the testis since the beginning of the synthesized.
As for the Female, the situation is totally different because of the absence of testicular and therefore the absence of male hormones, the result is erectile tissues and genital tract growth each one separately... The genital tissues Ventha their case to be the labia minor Who dock in the foreground of the composition "clitoris" in which he sits most sensitive nerve endings, and the genital tract are growing without docking with other tissues and end up to form a "vagina." Therefore, we find that the nerves responsible for Sexual sense when women remain divided into two parts, which makes it there are two routes to the sexual excitement for the female. How practice style affects the degree of sexual satisfaction?

Besides the excitement that occurs to men and women because of the nature of the physical configuration is different for each of them, there is another level of fun exciting emerging through different body positions, and the rate and duration of sexual intercourse. This template or Excitation method start formed with the beginning of the marital practice varies from couple to any other... And here I say "marital" and not because of sexual practices before or outside of marriage leave their mark which is always negative on the marital relationship. Where some young people believe that the practice of premarital increase the human experience and make it more successful in terms of sexual activity after him, but the opposite is true because it causes the formation of a certain degree and method of sexual gratification by male or female
Sinful relationship partner, complexity when compared to late marriage.

Therefore we can define the ideal image of sexual activity in the following points:

• To be the preserve of the scope of halal, that is, within the marital relationship.
• Be unprecedented amount of sex education on a scientific basis is true and based on what God has done to the age and His Prophet peace be upon him.
• The man is the positive side of the relationship, not in the sense function is only, but the sense of foreplay and the formation of and respect for sexual template, being careful to entertain his wife as much care to enjoy it.
• That we all know that the sexual relationship for the man beat her the job more than a passion, in the sense that a man can not have a good relationship with his wife, but he asked this relationship because it is more urgent it functionally, while in women the opposite is true, emotional relationship is in the first place therefore have to be satisfied with her husband and a good life relationship with him in order to be satisfactory, a partner in bed.
As for the nature of sexual arousal and its relationship with passion and how response of different body's organs to it we'll show it in following articles inshAllah.