About Dr. Heba Kotb

Pioneer Sexologist And Family Therapist

Heba Kotb M.D. PH.D.

Pioneer Sexologist And Family Therapist

  • The first Arab sex therapist and marriage and family counsellor
  • Launched the profession of sexologist and sex counsellor in the Arab world
  • Renowned lecturer in conferences concerned of the family affairs trans-globally
  • Co-founder of many NGOs in the Arab world which work in the field of family counselling and guidance
  • Founded the Sexuality Curriculum of the Kuwaiti Organization "The Light Chair"
  • Volunteered being the Consultant of the renowned Islamic website "Islamonline" in the section of Marital and Sexual Problems

 M.D. PH.D.

  • M.B & B.Ch, Cairo University, Dec. 1991
  • M.Sc. Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology, Cairo University, with a dissertation titled: "Medicoldgal Aspects of Child Abuse", May 1997
  • M.D. Forensic Medicine with a dissertation titled: "Medicoloegal Implications of Sexual Abuse in Children aged 0-18 years", May 2000
  • Diplomate in Human Sexuality from American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, South Miami Beach, Florida,USA, December 2003.
  • PH.D. In Clinical Sexology AACS, with a dissertation titled: "Sexuality in Islam", Dec 2004.

Work Experience

* Academic Positions Oct. 2005-present Ass. Professor of Forensic Medicine
  • Clinical Demonstrator of Forensic Medicine, April 1995-May 1997
  • Ass. Lecturer May1997- May 2000
  • Lecturer May 2000- Oct 2005
* AACS Academic Positions March 2005- present Associate Professor
  • Chosen as Advisory Board Member in AACS, besides the position as Associate Professor, May 2005- present.
  • Supervising and collaborating in evaluation and defending of PH.D dissertations presented to the board of AACS

Pre-University Education

High School Diplomate, Lycée La Liberté de Bab El Louk
Had French Education for all her Primary and SecondarySchool Years
Had a scholarship, being the first of her class, to study Medicine in France, but she preferred to study and work in Egypt

Books, Media & TV Shows

  • 1 Book in Forensic Medicine for Undergraduate Medical Students.
  • 4 Books in Sexual Relationships
  • 3 Books as Encyclopedia of the Human Sexuality (under preparation)
  • Edited the section titled "The Closed Doors" in AL AHRAM AL ARABI magazine, 2004-2007
  • Edited the section titled "The School of Marital Happiness" in KOL EL NAS magazine 2005-2008
  • Founded the section titled "Non Shameful Non Prohibited" in the e-magazine of the web site BOSWTOL.COM 2004-2010
  • Edited the section titled "Without Shame" in the Egyptian Magazine AL HAYAH 2005-2007
  • Edited the section titled "Ask Heba" in the weekly episode of the famous Egyptian Newspaper ALMASRY ALYOUM 2006-2010
  • Editing the section called "Religion and Life" in the Kuwaiti magazine SAMRA 2006-present
  • Prepared and presented the following TV shows:
  • ESH-HA SHABAB, OSN CHANNELS 2012-2013 Pioneering Activities

Pioneering Activities 

  • First Egyptian and Arab physician specialized in Sexual Medicine and Sex Counselling
  • Creator of curing method for VAGINISMUS
  • Creator of a curing method for Homosexuality based on mental and sexual exercising
  • Creator of a curing method for Erectile Problems caused by circulatory dysfunction, which has been considered hopeless, and also a method to cure Premature Ejaculation
  • Established instructive courses with different curriculae, for couples, couples to be, youth and adolescents, and professionals working in the field of family guidance.
  • First professional to host specialized TV shows so she was named "Egyptian Dr. Ruth"
  • Has been the Subject of many Documentaries hosted by lots of Global TV channels such as CNN, NBC, BBC, ABC, A2, RAI3, K, TV5, CANAL +, and other Satellite
  • Channels like Spanish TV, Riddle Films (Canadian TV), Duch TV, Portugal TV, Denmark main Channel, Singapore TV, and Indian TV. Scientific Activities

Scientific Activities

  • Did many researches about normal and abnormal sexual relationships, also about the positive effect of trustful sexual cognition on eliminating the sexology-marital problems.
  • Searched the bad effects of alcohol, anabolic drugs, and drug addiction on male sexuality
  • Hosted as guest speaker in many conferences concerned of family sexual problems, sexual perversions, and sexual dysfunctions
  • Has been inspiring for many Arab physicians working on following her same track
  • Worked as a consultant for the regional bureau of the UNFPA in Cairo
  • Worked as a consultant for "AL HATIF AL ISLAMI" concerning the FATWAS of the marital sexuality 

Prizes And Honorings

  • Certificates of Appreciation and Honouring from Egyptian Ministry of Education throughout School Years
  • Prize of Supremacy in French Studies in High School in the form of a Scholarship in the University of her Choice anywhere in France
  • Prize of Excellence from Cairo University for combining distinctions in Scientific and in Artistic activities
  • Prize of Outstanding Research for the PH.D. Dissertation titled "Sexuality in Islam" from AACS
  • Certificate of Distinction from her Highness Sheikha Fatma Bent Mubarak 2005
  • Certificate of Distinction from "Family Guidance Centre" presented from her Highness Sheikha Moza 2006
  • Certificate of Distinction from Facculty of Arts, AIN Shams University2006
  • Prize of Pioneering and Distinction from the Egyptian Organization "Physicians for Peace" 2005
  • Medal of distinction from AL AZHAR University 2006
  • Guest of Honor of the Annual Conference of OPEC, Vienna 2006
  • Medal of Pioneering from the Lebanese Organization of Economics 2007
  • Honouring from the Conference of "Role of Women in Arabic Media" Bahrain 2007
  • Honouring from "Long Beach University" USA 2008
  • Guest Speaker and Honouring in the Annual Conference of "Women Sexuality" San Diego, USA 2009
  • Honouring from Harpo Production House, USA 2010
  • Medal of Pioneering and Distinction from her Highness Sheikha Awrad El Sabbah, Kuwait 2011
  • Honouring from the French magazine "Elle" 2012 Marital Status

Marital Status

Married to Dr. Hisham Adel Hassan, Professor of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery, Cairo University
Mother of three Lovely Young Ladies, Dina, Randa, and Lobna who are studying in University and high school in Canada

Contact Dr.Heba

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