Satisfaction ... the most important pillars of the Marital Relationship!!

I have always been asked some questions about boredom or satisfaction level of Intimacy ….for example:
  • How to prevent boredom of intercourse between spouses, and maintain the permanent enjoyment?
  • Should the couple enjoy and feel satisfaction in every intercourse?
And I answer some of the key points to eliminate the boredom of intimacy in the relationship and replace that with satisfaction.
We can prevent boredom between spouses very easily by following the next:
  • Each party must investigate the satisfaction of the other party about the nature of the relationship and its details; the first step toward boredom is dissatisfaction…
  • Must get rid of shyness between spouses about the intimate relationship in particular, this is not a matter of modesty; it is a matter of happiness and the satisfaction of both parties.
  • One of the most important tips that will benefit the continuity of happiness in the relationship is trying to constant change in the three pillars of the relationship, namely:
Location: the place where the couple is.
Time: it is not a requirement to adhere to the relationship just at night, or at a predetermined time and repeated at the same time always.
How: the steps to do the relationship from introductions to developments to circumstances to all these details..

If we always do some variations and combinations (as it were) with careful monitoring of both parties other opinion, suggestions and satisfaction with the relationship, would be a permanent maintenance reservation for this relationship quality and firmness all the time.
Also I have reservations on the word "must", with regard to this relationship, it is not preferable to use expressions that suggest subjugation or force, but to be more specific, preferable that the couple up to the stage of satisfaction in every sexual encounter, or rather whenever circumstances where available time, mood, the degree of satisfaction, also the psychological and physical condition ... I recommend that because I think it’s sometimes a cause of problems between couple in a way that I often see in my clinic similar cases of complaints from wives of their husbands are not keen on the pleasure of their wives to the stage satisfaction and sexual gratification, here begins another phase of blames, selfishness, coldness and lack of attention to the other partner and ... and ....

This is because the man up to the point of enjoyment certainly, but I would advise always be a high-end relationship psychological composite casing, a marital relationship..
In brief, I would advise making sure the climax of the wife as much as husband can, that enriches the psychological relationship as well as a large amount of enjoyment for both and the relationship intimacy, I also call on all couples could read "sex session" articles together which will make both of you absorb relationship more and more comprehensive.. God always guide you to stability and happiness on the psychological, physical and emotional levels thanks to him first and then secondly to your keenness towards it.