Masturbation 1

Masturbation: It is a dynamic process taking place in stages effectiveness gradient within the body and take the sexual cycle in terms of the four stages of the course, they begin to phase sensory alarm, Masturbation be either automatic exposure to a sensory stimuli through one of the five senses , either by invoking exciting sensory remember such a situation, people, or watch some pornographic images or Internet sex sites, while it is in a normal state of mind before thinking about this practice, and this is something which is dangerous; since there is a class of young men and women do this habit for entertainment or the temporary pleasure in spite of calm restraint and not to request urgency in this instinctive function, and return to the context of masturbation, subject after the excitement and arousal will be up to the second phase , which is the next stage in this context, it is a foreplay either the penis for young men or clitoris for girls, and practitioner is keen to expire his/her need from it with a certain speed so as to reach the peak of the peak (or lust) in the shortest possible time; where there is no satisfaction or surrender to the nerve and upward emotions that accompany this stage, that psychological sense accompanying the performance is a combination of anxiety and fear of exposure of it, and a sense of guilt if you take the subject from the side of religious commitment.

Therefore most of young people who masturbate is complaining from premature ejaculation which is a sign to access the oestrus occurs during it rapid decline in the level of emotion that has been rising during the second phase of the sexual cycle, It is foreplay to reach the rut, a third phase, the reason for the existence of this disease called fast ejaculation is programming the nervous system on short second phase of the sexual cycle, make responding to the foreplay with a short period of time, descend emotion curve after a few short rise, momentary pleasure occur But without a sense of sufficiency or emotional satisfaction that meets the urgency instinctive right here, the complaint of premature ejaculation begins, then followed by the fourth phase of the sexual cycle, which is a return stage to the starting point or the point (no emotion) it is always absent from the practitioner masturbation where stands for the realization must be completed it quickly to return to normal life especially to these young people who are excessive in order to avoid adding more time needed for the rest of their lives activities.
The second flaw in the sex composition of this human happen, the first is the shortness of the second phase of the sexual cycle, which are not given full opportunity to enjoy during sexual intercourse and that may be reflected on marital life in the future; where this stage represents an important role in the continuation of marital happiness.

As for its validity for men, women and its sanctity...

let me separate between talking on a scientific basis and talking on religious basis, as for the sanctity I am not eligible for an advisory opinion to do something like this, but it is easy for young people to resort to any reference of normal religious authorities such as sunna jurisprudence or the four schools of jurisprudence to read in detail about this habit where different opinions of the jurists. As for its validity from the natural and purely scientific side must make a distinction here between men and women the desire of men is much higher than women's, with the difference of desire level also between every man and another, and between every woman and another. Taking into account also that every base has irregulars, thus, the pieces their permissibility or usefulness or otherwise are figment of the impossible because there are multiple variables related to this, but there is a wet dream that would ease the urgency of the instinctive desire for young people in many cases and also for girls in some cases, let this also be an opportunity for the girls to know that there is what is called a wet dream of the female, which requires washing also the young man or woman sees a dream in which the emotional surge to reach the peak of pleasure - Previously referred to - exists, There is ejaculation accompanied by a great pleasure fulfill the sensory needs right to be the best thing that become so as the permissible lord executor of this energy that explode in youth age , especially boys.

And whether it is harmful or not harmful for testicle?

we should know that testis include many cells with different natures dominated by two types, one is responsible for the production of male hormones (which is the basic charge of sexual desire) and the other type is responsible for the construction and development of synthetic cells of sperm in various stages to reach the final shape of the sperm at last , Testicular is a factory working for 24 hours whether in this direction or that, whenever ejaculation occurred through masturbation, for example, there will be consumption of products of this factory . If there is much demand for products of this factory, the factory should fulfill the needs which will reflect negatively on the products of this factory because of fatigue machines, If the pressure on the factory continue beyond its potential in production, malfunctions began to seep into the machines one after the other; where these machines do not take their chance to rest and maintenance, If we measured that on our subject the testicular do a vital function God create it with the best picture of consumption and regeneration, we are distorting this image because of extravagance in the performance of this habit as incompatible with the appropriate rate for the good performance, If we do not improve the use of our body organs we have no right to complain of poor performance, which may be carried out by those devices or what malfunction might hit it. Finally say that moderation in all things is the success and good performance feature,

to be continued…..