Masturbation 3

Lowering the gaze is Godly order sent down explicitly in the Qur'an in Surah Noor in the verse: "Say to the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their private parts."

Here Almighty God linked between gaze and guarding the private parts. Consequently, the opposite is true which means that not lowering his gaze is exposed to not guarding the private parts; It is completely your condition.
To every person out there like English says that “every step leads to that which followed” and this is exactly the case, what is built on falsehood is false lowering the gaze is the first step of treatment if you want to and focus on thinking with another way makes you more ability to conjure the intention of self-struggle which is one of the Jihad in God path, ways also has a reward with God.

And the reward of self jihad may symbolize other Jihad species, this great reward that awaits you if you did this man cannot win it to accomplish something easy otherwise it would not be called jihad, the other type of jihad required is patience until satisfying this instinct by the only way that God has permitted it which is marriage. But the patience that is not tainted by impurities and distorting errors but the patience that is decorated by worship...
The practical way for this patience and this jihad is exercising regularly, It is advisable for young people to work on powerful and exhausting sport such as running, squash, football, or at the very least, go regularly to one of the gyms to take out what in your body of energy If you did this you won't have the time and the effort that push you to do what angers God and beware of the free time which is devastating giant killer for everything and anything, work hard to fill your free time at any time by useful work or to enrich your life with more knowledge, business, charity work or social ….all of these things combined.

Finally, I say to the youth of this nation beware of being misled by the despair of obedience to God or consider it is impossible things; God is our Creator and has sent down in Qur'an in Sura Al-Baqarah "God does not burden any soul beyond its scope" this means that God did not impose on us lowering the gaze if we are not able to do so ..
And who is more knowledgeable than Almighty God about what you can or cannot, shaking your whispers of devil, be of believers who Almighty God praised them in his book, "and said; “We hear and obey the forgiveness of our Lord and you determination" Almighty God.