Quit masturbation ...take the decision

Masturbation is still on top of the topics that sway in young men and women head, In many occasions, I talked repeatedly about masturbation, its harmful effects, the desire to do it, how to avoid it, reduce it, and then quit it.

Perhaps these messages and their answers are like a lesson for all young men and women who think they are away from any harm I would say this with certainty that although a lot of them did not mention how their sexual performance may be affected, but certainly there is a difference in the level of performance, such as when men stop masturbation, hardness erection occurs, forcing them to quit it and try to repair the damaging effects caused by masturbation.

Here I note that a lot of attempts to stop masturbation crumble ... many of them quit it then back again because of lack of stiffness will, but when they began to leak out of concern for the future of the marital relationship... they will stop it.

This means that the most important two points here are:
1. Young men and women are able to quit masturbation if they want, so it is not necessary to wait after many health sexual problems to quit it, and young people should use their strong will wisely at what useful to protect them from this confusion before their marriage which is the real test to this ability.
2. Young men wait long time until the tissues of penis reels from frequent wrong usage then began to cry fancies

The solutions are clear; interest of good nutrition which contain vitamins and antioxidants, interest in sports, especially moving the pelvic muscles to move the blood circulation to the sexual organs... may God help you be with good husbands and wives