The Natural Size

 Often I receive questions about the natural size of the penis; I mean the length during erection and what are the problems faced by men and women during intimacy in case if the penis is short.

And here I say that the length of penis is always the length of the penis during erection, as it's the original length of the tissues, In case of limpness, this is not the original length because most men have almost the same length of the penis in the case of limpness, that is why it’s not the measure, In case of lack erection; there is no normal or standard length but what is important in this case is the case of erection and firmness because it measure the ability to complete sexual intercourse successfully or not, and the case of ejaculation in terms of strength, timing whether it happens in the right place in terms of fully sexual gratification before ejaculation or it happens before human reaches the peak of gratification.

Accordingly, we find that those standards which are circulated and gossiped by young people between each other in terms of penis length during erection, seeking for lengthen it more and more, and the fascination with ads that call for that in spite of the terrible flaws in these unnatural things.
And here I want to acknowledge a scientific fact in the physical structure of the female body, It is that the length of the vaginal canal ranges between 7 cm and 9 cm, therefor; if the length of any penis is equal or more than these standards, it is able to complete the sexual function successfully, without taking into account issues of the difference in length of penis as long as it is more than capable of performing the task faithful , dear young man; I hope you don't think too much about that.

I remember a young man from an Arab country visited my clinic about two years ago and he was then 28 years old, this age is late for marriage in his country, which has traditions young men or women should marry before the age of twenty, I have found it difficult to make him explain his complaint, It turned out to be length of his penis is 12 cm during erection, and he heard from his friends that their penises have more length! and the length of the penis is one of things that makes men feels pride so he feels no confidence in himself and he is afraid his future wife makes fun of his penis length, despite he has a very good health and virility like all young men in this age, therefor; he didn't get married for all these years because he thought there is something wrong in him as well as he did not know how to fix it, When I explained to him the fact, he trusted in God and got married to one of his relatives, he has now twin boys, he calls me constantly and curse those reprehensible sessions with his friends that stopped the world for him for a full ten years.

As an aside, I would like to point out here that those youth councils which had previously been more like a cultural sessions that depended on exchange of opinions between different age, cultural, religious and political groups but now it became full of trivial talk and talk about the immorality, and increased the symptoms to go and expose what God has ordered that Lester, I hear from a lot of my students at the university and other groups of young people that I deal with on a practical level in the clinic that these discussions have become the main feature of meetings among young people only from the womb of my Lord of young people who walk in obedience to God and the Muslim commitment and not to the genitalia, which God has forbidden to show, as the genitalia revealed not only detects the real but also to talk about this openness and these details ...

In general, if you want to check length of your penis, your ability, your sexual virility, go to the nearest doctor who is specialized in diseases of male sex and reproduction which I hope that God reassure your hearts and grant you success in your lives in the future, God willing.