Mum and Dad to be

Are you Pregnant?

Now in Simply Happy By Dr.Heba Kotb 

Pregnancy is a joyful experience to both mom and dad. When expecting a baby, the parents sense new meaning and purpose to life. It also strengthens the bond between them and boosts their romance.
However, this experience can be very stressful physically and psychologically because simply the parents are not familiar with the changes that happen during this period.

Simple Happy walks you through the entire pregnancy phase, cope with pregnancy discomforts, help you know everything about sex during pregnancy and guides the parents to-be on how to deal with the unpredictable’s. We will offer you advice and answers to all your questions and concerns.

Simply Happy Academy offers comprehensive dedicated support from Dr. Heba Kotb as the following:
  • Nutritional Counseling – Helping expecting parents with their general wellbeing.
  • Pregnancy Yoga classes
  • Pregnancy Pilates classes
  • Special aerobic classes to keep you fit and active during pregnancy
  • Preparation for a smooth normal labor and relaxation techniques
  • Understanding psychology of pregnancy and how to control mood swings
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