Premarital Programs

Getting Married??


Simply Happy By Dr. Heba Kotb provides a Help Center for

For Him

  • Cognitive Classes
  • Assessment of Sexual Function
  • Preparation of Optimum Performance and Pleasurable Relation

For Her:

  • Cognitive Classes
  • Preparation for optimum bride look: (We take care of Dark Areas, Stretch Marks, Body Shape, and Hair Removal)

Cognitive Courses:

  • Anatomy and Development of Sex organs
  • Physiology of Sexuality Development and Desire
  • Deviation of Desire: Hyposexuality\ Hypersexuality, sexual perversion, Fetishism, and other types
  • How to increase and keep Mutual Marital attraction
  • Sexual Response Cycle
  • Wedding Night
  • Pre-wedding nutrition

Also available

  • Pilates and Yoga classes to promote General Fitness and to Ameliorate Systemic Health
  • Massage & Reflexology
  • Nutrition classes for Detox and Free Radical eradication
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